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zhaojing created a blog entry High Efficiency Sand...

With the increasing sand washer processing technology, sand washing machine can be widely used in more industries, such as gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing stations and other industries for materials smaller particles of sand and gravel washing units or construction sites, gravel plants, glass, used for hydropower and other needed washing, grading and dehydration. Our sand washer plant is a custom built super-heavy vehicle designed specifically for all kinds of minerals.

The high efficiency sand washer can be fully automated to speed up the wash process, resulting in minimal maintenance washing for maximum productivity. Water treatment and hydraulic planning ensures that the wash facility is operating at optimum efficiency. Our sand washing plant can be applied in the processing of a wide range of minerals including: iron ore and other mineral ores, sand and gravel, crushed rock and construction and demolition waste. Our suite of products includes: feed hoppers, conveyors, vibrating screens, sand washer, high-rate thickeners, filter press, log washers, and mobile washing plant etc.

Our iron ore washing and beneficiation systems are proven to deliver significant increases in the Fe value of raw iron ore fines for many leading steel producers. The systems successfully reduce contaminant levels, most significantly alumina, silica and phosphorous, to ensure maximum efficiencies in the steel production process. The system is a significant development of existing log washer technology and offers an efficient and effective means of processing many minerals.

Our mineral washing system is the global market leader in terms of its ability to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted fines from any material to be processed. This plant has been installed on hundreds of global installations and is used to process a wide range of materials, including iron ore fines, sand and gravel, crushed rock, construction and demolition waste material and lignite contaminated sand.


sand washing machine:

06:34 PM
zhaojing created a blog entry How to Repair and Ov...

At present our country medium above cement plant many uses the tubular ball mill, generally is composed the production line by many grinding machines, and matches by the high performance the separation equipment, thus enables the finished product degree of fineness to achieve the ISO new standing operating procedure target. How to seek one highly effective method, increases the cement new product, adapts the cement market to need, is our country silicate production industry urgently needing solution difficult problem.

In order to improve the efficiency of ball mill equipment, to extend the service life of ball mill, ball mill troubleshooting, it is very important, usually divided into a small ball mill repair troubleshooting, repair and overhaul. Minor repairs: once a month a small ball mill fault repair work, including temporary accident repair, mainly for small, minor. Focus on replacement parts easy to wear, such as ball mill equipment, liner, head to the mine device spoon, adjust the bearings and gears meshing. Repair leaking everywhere. In repair: general failure once a year in repair ball mill, as large parts of the equipment clean-up and adjustment, easy to wear a lot of replacement parts. Overhaul: ball mill failure to complete the repair work in addition to the small repair tasks, focusing on repair and replacement of major components, such as the hollow shaft, gear and so on. Ball mill overhaul time interval to determine the extent of damage in the ball mill parts.

The ball mill as the material two stave key equipments, is widely applied in each kind of mineral and raw material intensive processing. The cement, the paint, the coating, the ceramics, the metallurgy, the chemical industry contacts daily in us, and so on professions cannot leave the ball mill ultra fine dust to rub this kind of technology. Before, our country's ultra fine dust rubbed the technology not to be imperfect, but our country was also one of kleit ore implication rich countries, have to exported the nonmetalliferous ore undressed ore by the inexpensive price export or the rough machining beyond the border, to develop oneself, we also needed the high price from the overseas purchase technology.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing of ball mill manufacturers, ball mill manufacturers and other commonly used mining equipment, welcome to visit and cooperate with us. Thank you!

rod grinding machine:

06:34 PM
zhaojing created a blog entry Mobile Jaw Crusher U...

Mini jaw crusher is a crusher concept which is opposite to large scale crushing plants. It is welcomed with similar capabilities such as low power consumption, uncomplicated maintenance and installation. Mini jaw crusher is extensively applied in small rocks crushing method, little quarry processing and tiny stone breaking stages. Jaw crushers are ideal machines for secondary and tertiary application in quarrying, mining, recycling, infrastructure and construction. Our company’s mobile tracked and semi-mobile jaw crushers are designed to crush millions of tons of rubble annually including: coal, aggregate, sand, construction and demolition, waste, mine ore, blasted rock and river gravel.

Our mobile jaw crusher is a heavy duty, track mounted, jaw crusher that is ideal for operators demanding high production rates and excellent reduction ratios for smaller compact operations. It is perfect for contractor, recycling and quarry applications. It features the powerful single toggle jaw crusher. The extended main conveyor can be raised or lowered, making it the ideal solutions for rebar clearance in recycling applications.

The other kind of mobile jaw crusher is powered by a 200kW engine and features the powerful single toggle jaw crusher. It utilizes the latest technology, including finite element techniques to minimize stress levels within the frame itself. The machine is equipped with a magnet, natural fines conveyor and remote control as standard. The semi-mobile jaw crusher is fitted with jaw level sensor, speed wheel on the main conveyor and engine load control system, which allows the machine to monitor and regulate its own feed, resulting in a continuous and uninterrupted crushing process and ultimately higher productivity.

All our company’s mobile jaw crushers are heavy duty, track mounted, jaw crushers that are suitable for operators demanding high performance matched with reliability and ease of operation. They are the machines of choice whether it is recycling, quarrying or aggregate production.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing of pe jaw crusher, pe jaw crusher and other commonly used mining equipment, welcome to visit and cooperate with us. Thank you!

china jaw crusher:

06:34 PM
zhaojing created a blog entry How to Deal with Whe...

With the development trends of coal slime dryer, there will be some second hand coal slime dryer, and their prices are various from each other. When buying a secondhand dryer, customers should pay more attention to the quality rather than the price. We know slime dryer is use of the principle of thermal equilibrium which require tightness space, but how to deal with it when having a gas leakage of long-running slime dryers? The most concerned problem to customers include the influence on the thermal efficiency and the phenomenon of Leakage. Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd answer it for you.

First, the air leakage of slime dryer and its impact

Hot air doors, hood, cylinder of slime dryer are prone to have leakage, leading fuel consumption increases, not to mention air temperature. If do not solve the leakage in time, you will not only wast more fuel, increase CO emissions resulting the chimney pipe condensation, but also reduce thermal efficiency affecting the quality of the finished slime.

Second, the reason of air leakage

1,leakage of the feed end : it is the most common cause of the leakage for dryer slime:

a. Caliber of feeders and the feed end does not match.

b. Seals between the feed end and the feeder badly worn with the long working.

c. sealing device of the feed end burns by high temperature cylinder and cracks.

d. Overabundance feeding clogs the feed end.

2, cylinder leakage: cylinder barrel weld of slime dryer is a common leakage way mainly caused by not standard welding.

3, the leakage of discharge end

a. discharge excessive at discharge end

b. precipitator is corrosion lead leakage occurs


china river sand dryer:

06:34 PM
zhaojing created a blog entry What Are the Main Fe...

The crawler type mobile crusher as a high efficient mobile crushing station is more advanced than the traditional jaw crusher and the ordinary mobile crusher. The crawler type mobile crusher can work under any circumstance at any position of the work site, which reduces the labor for handling materials and makes it easy for all accessory machines to cooperate with each other. Through the wireless remote control, users can drive the crusher onto the trailer and then transport it to the work place. The crawler type mobile crusher needs no installation and allocation time, so it can start to work immediately once it comes to the work site, which removes the limit of the coarse and fine crushing processes.

The main characteristics of the crawler type mobile crusher are:

1.The engine of the crusher can be armed with the military low temperature pre-heating starter which will makes it easy for the crusher to start up in cold weather with the temperature below 25 C°.

2.The crusher is equipped with the large pulling torque featuring high driven power and reliability.

3.Its walking system adopts the total power variable open hydraulic system which features good performance and can make full use of the engine’s power.

4.The imported service guiding operation system makes the crusher not only easy to be operated and controlled, but also to realize the infinite speed change walking.

When we design the crawler type mobile crusher, we put customers’ benefit in the first place and think of the removal of problems caused by the crushing site, environment and complex foundation arrangement as the primary task. We aim to provide users with simple, efficient and low cost project operating hardware facilities.

At the present, Fote Heavy Machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of wheel mobile crusher, wheel mobile jaw crusher and free service for assembling various kinds of production line.

crawler mobile cone crusher:

06:34 PM
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zhaojing created a blog entry How to Do a Good Job...

Mineral processing technology management plays a very important role in the whole processing management. Good beneficiation technology management is necessary condition for a normal mineral processing, and guarantee to comprehensively improve economic efficiency for a beneficiation plant. On grade of crude ore which of low richness and easy-to-distinguish ,ore dressing plant should establish a preselected process before medium reduction, including hand separation, gravity separation and dry magnetic separation to reach the effect of improving ore grade and at the same time, reducing production cost.

The quality of work for metallurgical balance is an important criteria to measure an ore dressing plant production management and technology management, therefore, ore dressing plant should pay attention to the inspector’s personnel training, education and management, strengthen management of measurement, sampling, processing and assay, meanwhile, formulate reasonable consumption standards of various materials and put forward measures of cost reduction.

Making regular or irregular flow test on technical process to discover problems and weak links existing in the process, and take measures to improve the technology and organization tackles in time. On the production of water, do regular water quality test and analysis in order to better guide the ore dressing production. In addition, clear the remnant ball according to the production practice, removing the broken ball and joining a new one at a certain period of time, so as to ensure efficient ball filling rate.

Daily production technology management work enables to dig beneficiation production potential continually, improve the yield, quality and recovery rate, constantly refresh the various technical and economic indexes, reduce equipment accident, improve environmental protection, make safety, efficient, civilized production.

To sum up, do a good job of beneficiation technology management is necessary condition to ensure the normal production of mineral processing, is an important guarantee to comprehensively improve economic efficiency for beneficiation plant .It is an urgent affair for a modern ore dressing plant that improving beneficiation production economic benefits rely on the mineral processing technology progress while technology management aims to ensure that enterprises can product balanced, rhythmically and efficiently.


gravity chute:

Jul 25
zhaojing created a blog entry Analysis of the Work...

Henan Fote Machinery does some analysis for you:

By the hot air flow rate by the heat and mass transfer theory shows that to improve the flow rate of dry air, directly improving the heat transfer coefficient and mass transfer coefficients, drying rate increases, but also the timely replacement of the hot air, conducive to the proliferation of outside process. However, the improvement of the hot air flow rate for a certain length of the rotary dryer, will reduce the residence time of hot air in the drying of the barrel body that may affect the thermal efficiency, resulting in a waste of heat. By increasing the material and the hot air in the cylinder axial unit length of contact time and contact area, through the transformation of the lifting plate materials in the cylinder cross-sectional dispersion of purpose, by increasing the dryer cylinder length.

In general, the higher the temperature of the hot air temperature of hot air, heat transfer rate and mass transfer rates higher, in the case of the same amount of water evaporation, the amount of hot air can be reduced, the exhaust heat loss is reduced. However, control of most of the imports of cement plant dryer hot air temperature is low, even if the downstream dryer temperature of 700 ℃ or so, so the extent permitted by the cylinder, the substantial increase in imports of hot air the temperature is not feasible.

Third. Into the feed size and feed uniformity in the drying rate in certain circumstances, the material and the hot air the greater the contact area, total dry the better. The smaller the particle size, the internal diffusion resistance of the smaller, help to improve the drying rate. Pellet group contrast, is easy to form a gas layer, to prevent the inner material of the heat and mass transfer. Therefore, in the drying of materials, the material and the broken handle. The amount of feed material current premise. Can guarantee the stability of the dryer thermal load and thermal regime on the one hand, material moisture content after drying, so that the load of heating of the hot stove, etc.; the other hand, can also be easy to grasp and control the exhaust.

At the present, Fote Heavy Machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of coal slime dryer, sludge drying machine and free service for assembling various kinds of production line.

gold ores dryer:

Jul 25
zhaojing created a blog entry Knowing the Features...

In a rotary drum dryer, copy board is an important component of the rotary drum dryer. Rotary drum dryer copied the board's role is to copy the material and gradually pour on the hot air in order to strengthen the material and hot air heat and mass transfer, and promote the conduct of the drying process. In the form of the copy board and the number of choices is correct or not directly affect the thermal efficiency and dry strength. Based on experience, the copy number of boards in general n = (6-10). Copy the angle of the board to consider the angle of repose and the adhesion of materials.

In the choice of drying equipment, we must first understand the characteristics of rotary dryer.

1.An ability to adapt to the dry materials, dryers, such as can meet the material requirements of the dryness of the dry product uniformity.

2.The dryer the quality of the product with or without prejudice. Some product requirements to maintain the crystal shape, color; some products require deformation or cracking in the drying.

3.The level of thermal efficiency of the drying device (In general, the heat drying plant make good use of thermal efficiency is high; the contrary, the low thermal efficiency) which is dry and the main technical and economic indicators.

Inevitably,we would meet a lot of problems during the operation of rotary dryer.We have explained you some basic knowledge of mining equipments in the news we published before.Here,we would like to share you how to maintain and protect the rotary dryer with long time out of operation. When mining equipments is out of production for a long time,it will bring a lot of trouble for the next normal operation.In order to make these devices work properly,we need maintain and protect the mining equipments with some certain methods during the idle period.


mineral powder dryer:

Jul 25
zhaojing created a blog entry Do You Know the Whol...

Ball Mill is a crucial equipment for grinding after materials are crushed, it is an efficient tool for grinding various materials into powder, it is Widely used for the cement, the silicate product, new type building material, fire-resistant material, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal, glass, ceramics.

Working Principle:

This Ball Mill, a horizontal type and tubular running, has two warehouses. It runs along the outside gear. Materials spirally and evenly enter the first warehouse along the input hollow axis by input devices. In the warehouse, there is a ladder scale board or ripple scale board. Steel balls of different specifications are installed in the scale board of the ball mill. When the barrel body rotates, centrifugal force is produced. At the same time, the steel balls are carried to some height and then fall to grind and strike the material. After being grinded coarsely in the first warehouse, the material then enters into the second warehouse of the ball mill for regrinding. In the end, the powder produced by the Ball mill is discharged by output material board.

After the material entering the hollow axis by the feeder, the material will be taken evenly and spirally into the first warehouse, where there is the ladder liner or the ripple liner with the different steel balls. When the tube structure revolving produces the centrifugal force, the steel balls will be carried higher to some extent, and then fall down to strike and grind the material. After grinned generally in the first warehouse of ball mill, the material then will be taken into the second warehouse, in which there is the flat liner, the material will be regrind and then be discharged through the discharge grate liner.


wet rod mill:

Jul 25
zhaojing created a blog entry Introduction to Copy...

The main role of dryer is serve as drying machine,which use steam heat. The drying function of dryer are great with strong adjustability. Copy board holds the amount of materials fill rate of the important parameters in determining the desiccator. In the calculation of the copy board holds the material free surface and the horizontal angle between the generally assumed to be the angle of repose of the material. Different angle of repose, and copy geometric dimensions of the board, you can determine the holdings of the unit length of a single copy board.

Rotary drum dryer copy board layout:

(1)They are distributed copy board and lifting-type copy board, it can ensure the material is more evenly distributed in the drum cross section. The powdered material or with a certain block of material, copy board is more appropriate. The industry set the copy board for pulverized coal, DCP, light acid, calcium and powdered graphite and other materials commonly used in the indirectly heated rotary drum dryer.

(2) The fan form of copy board fan copy board by lifting type copy board consisting of mutually unintelligible fan parts. Gradual decline in the material along the tortuous channel, full contact and dry with hot air. This copy board applies to the massive, fragile and high density materials.

(3) Lifting-type copy board this copy board in a wide range of industrial application, mainly applicable to a large piece of material and ease of bonding materials. This copy board structure, the dryer is easy to clean, drum filling rate is lower.

(4) Cellular copy board materials are dispersed in a small grid, thereby reducing the height of material fall, reducing the amount of dust generated in the drying process, therefore, it applies to the crushing of materials prone to dust. The higher fill rate, up to 0.15-0.25.


airflow dryer price:

Jul 25
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